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Welcome to Elan Interactions

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Elan Discussion Group

The vision of this space is to create the atmosphere of Essassani here on Earth. When you enter this site, be willing to do so as your 4th Density self. We will soon post the full vision of what we're looking to create in this unique discussion forum. This website is a social forum for those who wish to discuss and explore Elan's messages and connect with others who desire to co-create their own version of their most authentic self. Join us on this journey of co-creation, exploration, collaboration, self-discovery and personal expansion. Join us as equals. Here, together, we can walk the talk.


Elan is a channeled entity who presents himself as an extraterrestrial being. His information is being provided to give you completely new options, to create a life that you truly prefer by being the fullest and most complete version of yourself.

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"You are all always perfect, a perfect reflection of whatever you are exploring in any given moment."


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