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Mar 23, 2024
In Testimonials
Elan to me, is like the wisest, kindest, closest confidant one could ever have. It's hard to describe the feelings one gets when listening to Elan. It's distinct from the feeling one obtains from listening to Bashar. Both are equally amazing, but for me, Elan's messages go straight past the mind and into the heart, where it remains. There's so much unconditional love that is emitted from each session. 😍 After some years of listening to Elan, I realized that I can now directly connect to that stream of consciousness whenever I have a question which will be answered immediately. This can happen to all of us in this forum if you just believe and trust what you get. Elan is right there with you. If you love Elan, then you are connected to him. Remove the filters of your beliefs and the answer will be quite clear. Some years ago, I was in a very bad spot in life and felt really low in self-worth. All I was able to do was to listen to many Elan sessions while going for long walks. I had no idea how to get out of my situation. One day, I looked up while listening to an Elan session, and lo and behold, a van with large letters saying 'ELAN' on its side drove right past me. I had never seen it before. I started to laugh at the synchronicity and started to trust deeply that my reality was shifting. What happened subsequently in my life is nothing short of miraculous. Because of the rise in my vibration due to repeated listenings of the Elan sessions and new decisions made as a result of it, the reality around me started shifting and I manifested new opportunities which seemed impossible to people around me. I did not have to 'do' very much at all. Just 'be' that vibration and the Earths shifted. This resulted in all my issues being resolved spontaneously and soon after I began a new life in a distant land. I intend to write about this one day, but for now, I hope this will leave you inspired. Lastly, I want to thank the channel for his dedication and deep trust from day one to allow the process to unfold. Because of his 'decision' in that moment and over the subsequent years, we are all here today to benefit from it. With deep appreciation and love, AD
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Mar 23, 2024
In Elan Quotes
"When you conceive of an idea, YOU ARE IT in that moment, and you therefore possess the IMAGINATION that you need, the portion…the VERSION of the IMAGINATION that you need, to ALLOW you to continue to USE that imagination along the same vibratory lines. " Elan - YOU ARE IT _______________ Basically I interpret this as you can always handle your reality because the imagination you have is tailored to the vibration you are being in that moment. In other words being overwhelmed is an illusion, because when you make a decision to be a certain person, you get 'equipped' with a new version of the imagination to handle the reality. Thought provoking if you think about it!!


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