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Guido de Valk
Jun 10, 2024
In Questions
I see that there are many different interpretations when it comes to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions. Some sources and experts suggest that we are currently transitioning into the fifth dimension, while others, such as Elan and Bashar, emphasize that the fifth dimension is formless. This a fourth-density forum. I feel very connected with the way Elan talk about it. Nevertheless it can be confusing to encounter these varying perspectives. Can someone provide me with concrete definitions to help clarify this topic?
Guido de Valk
Apr 14, 2024
In Your 4D Preferred Self
Greetings to you all. My name is Guido de Valk. Two years ago, I received a vision. That vision was the harbinger for my current path. In this vision, I was told to stop following my fear. My fear was too often in charge of shaping my relationships and in my own business. 
The fear created a modified version of myself. The other person's opinion became my opinion. I followed that opinion in my actions. And so became that opinion a reality that did not fit me. After that vision, I stopped following my fear. Every day, over and over again. To handle this fear, I sought support on this path. Through this search, I ran into Elan. Of course, it was not a coincidence! Wow, what a connection, and how much this information accelerated my process!! It felt like I had met someone who thought as I thought. There were words and phrases for it. The opinion I was afraid to share was Elan's opinion! You can imagine that it helped me tremendously and accelerated the process enormously. After stopping following my fear, many realities I had constructed from fear were broken down step by step. Here, I also experienced very strongly that I was not about the "how." I followed my decision out of excitement, and so all that was created that did not fit me was broken down. Simultaneously, I manifested all sorts of things that do fit the authentic me. • My whole business has now become the business of my dreams; • I have written a book that really suits me (I have written four books before, also beautiful books, but the last book is my most authentic and honest book, in my opinion); • I have acquired/developed a method that, in a very simple way, makes people grow in their authenticity; • I am visible in my opinions in my company, in social context, on social media and, of course, in my latest book. • Moved to another continent • etcetera Finally, my life purpose, or call it my soul mission, became clearer and clearer. The fear of my opinion carried the message that my opinion needed to be heard. I realized that I am a teacher of authenticity. My life story, my path of development and the Elan teachings helped me greatly in that. I am very grateful to everyone who makes it possible for Elan's teachings to be heard and seen. I am very much looking forward to the teachings to come. Love you all.

Guido de Valk

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